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Our First Story - finally a baby book for same sex parents!

Although we love our blog, and the amazing bank of memories it has created, before writing it we used to have scrapbooks. Actual paper ones -  a couple documenting the first years of our relationship thirteen years ago, with photos, concert tickets, pride parade streamers. Even though we now have our blog, we still sometimes create them, ones for our hen party, engagement, honeymoon, our sons first Christmas.

However, when Lauren was pregnant, we really struggled to find a baby record book that represented our family. Pretty much all of them have spaces for 'mummy and daddy', and as well as this, for most same sex parents, the creation of their family has been much more of a journey than most heterosexual couples.
In the end we settled on a book that was marketed as being a 'modern baby book' - easy and fun to fill in without lots of writing. Although we liked the design of the book, and the fact that 'mummy and daddy' aren't mentioned, we always wished it had a little more detail.

So when we heard about a new baby book, aimed solely at same sex parents, we were instantly curious!
Our First Story is a baby book that can be tailored to two Mummies, or two Daddies, and was created by a two mum couple, who were themselves tired of seeing baby items tailored for Mummy & Daddy, or at best, ‘partner’.

We were thrilled when they offered to send us one of their books, as although Oskar is now one, we were excited to sit down together and finally fill in our baby book together!

The design of the book is beautiful - the Tiffany blue colour is one of our favourite colours, and thus the book incidentally matches our living room! The book is pretty, modern, gender neutral, and beautiful quality. 

The colours and themes throughout the book remain neutral, modern and bright, we really liked the style of the book and think it will appeal to pretty much everyone.

We loved that the first pages had space for information ‘about my Mummies’. We thought this was a lovely touch!

Following on from information about us, there is a space for how your story as a couple began - this isn’t something we’ve seen in any other baby book. We loved this idea, it really makes the book feel like a record of your journey to becoming parents. Even though we met in September 2004 which makes us feel very old!

Something that you definitely wouldn’t find in another baby book, is space for information about the donor. This is something that everyone will feel differently about, we think, as some people will want to include lots of donor info and some won't. I think we fall somewhere in the middle - we never really think of the donor as part of our pregnancy journey, rather just a scientific part of the process, but we also put a lot of thought into choosing our donor, so its nice that this can be recorded.

We really love the pages to record your 'pregnancy journey', with space to record the date you found out you were pregnant, how your journey unfolded, and how you both felt along the way.  Its things like this that make this book really tailored towards same sex couples - not just the mention of 'mummy and mummy', but the thought that has been put into ensuring the whole process of how your little one was created is recorded. There are so many little moments along the way that stick in our minds, and having them all made into a book is wonderful.

There are only two things in the book we would consider changing, and they are tiny - the first is that pictures of bottles are used quite a lot, which as mums to a breastfed baby don't really represent us. The second is the 'labour lasted...hours' part, which as our baby needed to be born by C-section, we were unsure how to fill in this part! (We ended up crossing out ‘hours’ and writing in ‘days’!) However the rest of the 'day you came along' pages are beautiful, with lots of space for detail. We also loved the design of these pages - they fit in so much information (even a space for weather!) but it still looks clean and simple.

The book then has space for first days at home, first visitors, outing and baby groups, milestones, and lots of space for each month, leading right up until your babys first birthday. We love that you can include so much detail, and three photographs for each month. We take so many it’s great to be able to be able to use them in such a lovely way. The creators of this book have done a fantastic job in making sure every step of the journey through conception, birth, and the first year of motherhood has been captured, big and small.

We love the Our First Story book, and it was so lovely to sit down and fill in the pages together, it gave us a chance to reminisce over the past couple of years, creating our little boy, and his first experiences of the world. It fits in so much detail it really is invaluable as a new parent - there is so much you forget in that whirlwind first year! 
We would love to see books made for subsequent siblings too! (Not that we are thinking about that for a couple of years!)

Our First Story is a beautifully made book, and the level of thought and detail shows it was created by a same sex couple, who identify with the needs of same sex parents. We highly recommend it to two mum and two dad families - we have never seen a baby book like it. Ideally in the future two Mum and two Dad families will be widely catered for, but until then, we would like to thank Our First Story for giving us such a beautiful way to remember our journey to becoming mums. 

The Our First Story book is available for two Mums or two Dads, and comes in softback for £40 or hardback (shown here) for £60. Our First Story also has an adorable range of baby arrival congratulations cards for two Mummies or two Daddies, prices at £2 each.

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