Sunday, 19 November 2017

Pumpkins & Peacocks - our autumn 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year - autumn, winter, and Christmas fast approaching!
We’ve loved reading people’s posts about how they’ve spent autumn, so we thought it was about time we added our own! Here is how our autumn went...

Our autumn started with Sarah's 33rd birthday, on the 2nd October. We went out for lunch, had a walk around a National Trust property nearby, and tried our first vegan pumpkin spice latte from Pret! Oskar helped his Mummy to make a yummy pumpkin spice maple pecan birthday cake. Later on Sarah’s parents came round for more cake - it was a lovely relaxed day full of lots of her favourite things!

7th October is a very special day to us - it was the date of our embryo transfer in 2015. A few hours after the transfer we had a (gentle!) walk through a beautiful patch of leaves near our house, and a year later, took a picture of Oskar in the same spot, at four months old. So we thought we'd continue the tradition this year too, at 16 months old!

We have taken Oskar to a few local Woodland Play sessions , but have also enjoyed putting him in his waterproofs and getting out whatever the weather just as a family. As most people avoid the parks in the rain, we often have it all to ourselves, which has made for some lovely afternoons.

Oskar absolutely loves playing in the leaves, but another aspect of autumn that he loves as much as (okay more than!) we do, is pumpkins! His grandparents bought him a pumpkin and it became one of his favourite toys! So we took him on two trips to pumpkin patches -  one that had his beloved pumpkins picked in piles ready for him, and one that was a bit more rustic that we could have a nice walk around. He was in his element!

We also let Oskar get involved in carving our pumpkins which we highly recommend as a great baby sensory activity! Even Oskar was  little unsure at the squishy insides at first, it has made a lovely tradition that we can continue year after year.

We also visited one of our favourite nearby National Trust properties who were running a Halloween trail - you record ingredients for a witches spell as you follow the map, and are rewarded with a pumpkin at the end! Oskar was a little young to read the signs though, so we had fun helping him out..

We took a day trip to Warwick Castle, somewhere we had both visited as children. A medieval castle originally built by William The Conqueror in 1068, it is a beautiful place to spend a while, taking in the sights and history. It was a cold, bright, sunny autumn day and we really enjoyed walking around the castle and grounds, stopping for lunch outside (even if the peacocks did get a little close for Lauren's liking!) and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Its somewhere we would love to return to as Oskar gets older, as he will definitely enjoy it in different ways.

We have had such a wonderful autumn, but its gone by in a flash! It's always hard to figure out where autumn ends and winter begins - the shops are full of sparkling decorations and Christmas music, the festive food and drinks are out, the Christmas TV adverts are on (our favourites are Waitrose as it makes us feel so cosy, and randomly TalkTalk as it’s just a typical British family Christmas!) and the weather is turning colder. But pumpkins are still adorning our house, and we are still admiring the beautiful changing leaves on walks and outside our window.

But we have to admit, we are so excited for Christmas - we are already planning days out, presents, and food! We hope you had a beautiful autumn bring on the fairylights and gingerbread lattes! 

A little photo diary of our Autumn is over on our YouTube channel 2 Wives 2 Mums, if you love trees and pumpkins as much as we do! 

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