Saturday, 16 December 2017

Countdown to Christmas - where we’ve been! Part 2

In our last post we wrote about the festive days out we had been enjoying, to Little Angel Theatres performance of 'Me' by Emma Dodd, Lichfield light switch on and The Magic Lantern Festival. Since then we've been on a few more! We love really getting into the spirit of any season, and Christmas is definitely no exception! So here's where else we have been spreading festive cheer...

It’s complained about for clogging the street with crowds and being a bit overpriced/inauthentic, but its not Christmas without a visit to Birmingham's Frankfurt Christmas market!

We had a wonderful evening wandering around the stalls, with Oskar enjoying the lights, and the two of us enjoying hot drinks. Walking around the German market is something we've done every Christmas for many years, so its lovely to keep up the tradition.

Oskar has a new found love of penguins, so we decided a great festive day out would be to our local Sea Life centre. Like many people who are interested in ethical living we often struggle with whether it is right or wrong to visit captive animals. However, upon researching the Sea Life centre last year, we discovered that the sea life centre have established breeding programs to protect species and help to further understand them, run a petition to end commercial whaling, and even organise local canal clean ups to prevent plastic ending up in our oceans. We also discovered that the penguins have been captive bred, and not removed from a natural habitat. So for now, we are happy to visit - especially as it encourages our little ones love of animals, and hopefully inspires him to protect them when he is older.
And he certainly had fun! The penguins were by far his favourite, he called out to them, pointed at them, and laughed when they swam near him. And how cute is the toddler sized glass tunnel full of clown fish?! Oskar loved it!

On Saturday 6th December we had a rare occurrence in the form of a child free date! Us having no childcare means Oskar is with us 24/7, apart from three occasions he has been looked after by grand parents for a couple of hours. The last time was when we finally felt Oskar was old enough to be left with them, so we were really looking forward to this fourth occasion!
We went out for lunch, had a glass of bubbles and enjoyed being wife and wife for a while.


When we got home we decided to make use of our last bit of child free time and put the Christmas tree up together. We laughed so much, its something we always have so much fun doing! It was so wonderful to stand back and look at all the lights twinkling away, with it all snowy and cold outside. We saved a few decorations for Oskar to add, but were hoping as he hadn't watched us assemble and decorate the tree, he would be less likely to  destroy it! We have to say so far it has worked as apart from pointing to it and saying 'ooh' occasionally, the tree has remained untouched! We also changed our celebration ring (a wooden decoration based on Waldorf education and play) to represent Christmas.

We mentioned at the end of our last post that parts of England had had some snow, then of course on Sunday 7th we had LOTS more! Our street is lovely all year round as its just a tree lined track, but in the snow is when it’s most beautiful - its peaceful, serene, and like a little winter wonderland on our doorstep. We had a wonderful morning of cuddling on the sofa with hot chocolate watching Christmas movies, but then decided we like the outdoors too much not to venture outside!

It was one of our best weekends we've ever had as a family, and safe to say, we are definitely in the mood for Christmas now! We cannot believe that in less than two weeks, the big day will be here - but for now, we are enjoying every moment of the festive season.

We have a little video up on our YouTube channel 2 Wives 2 Mums documenting our December!

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