Baby making!

After failed attempts at home insemination in Aug 2014, we succesfully conceived via IVF, using a sperm donor chosen by us at a fertility centre. Our egg collection was in August 2015, with frozen embryo transfer in October 2015.
Our birth involved induction at 37 weeks for pre eclampsia, and a c section for failed induction…but along with our wedding day, was the most beautiful moment of our lives.
Our first baby, a beautiful little boy, was born in June 2016!

Our thoughts leading up to baby making:  
                                                                     Ticking Clocks?
The Children Question
Baby Brain
The Other Mother
How two women make a baby

Preparation for our IVF journey:        

A new direction?
Making Plans
A definite answer

Home Insemination:                
                   Our first attempt at home insemination
Our first two week wait
Our 2nd home insemination

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